Vertical wall UV printer

Digital direct to wall printing solution

Simple Operation

Empowered by artisJet Mural just-go image editing software, the printing tasts will be ready in a few minutes with all the proper settings on your demand. With artisJet direct to wall printing workflow, users can easily customize their own printing process, making wall printing easier than ever.

Applying EPSON Industrial High Precision Print head

Using thin film piezoelectric technology, 4-level grayscale, 2.5pl-20pl variable ink droplets, the system will achieve high-resolution image output of more than 1440DPI for photo quality with durable, delicate image quality.

Built-in computer for Industrial print

The artisJet Mural direct wall printer system is equipped with an industrial computer and it needs no external operating system. It is powerful, easy, durable and user friendly.The wall print system can be operated on the moment while its turned on itself. At the same time, the built-in computer is also equipped with the embedded configuration software independently developed by us, which has powerful image display and data processing functions.

Automatic positioning, Power off memory function, Accurate connecting print

Taking the actual working environment like power off while printing, or restart the print again in a new position into consideration, artisJet Mural developed Automatic positioning, intelligent wave feathering technology and power off memory function for an easier resolution. The functions will enable the print continue smoothly and deliver seamless printing results.

Dual ultrasonic wall-level detection system

The dual ultrasonic detecting system will automatically itself measure the wall surface level, adjust the printing carriage travel speed and angle to maintain the optimal print distance, and prevent the crashing between the wall and the head.( The optimal printing distance between the nozzle and the wall helps the uniformity of ink dot landing and protects the print quality of the picture.

Split design for easy mobility and transport

Designed for users’ convenience and easy mobility, artisJet Mural direct to wall print system only weights 80KGs yet in small package size.
Easy transport with ordinary vehicle and simple to be assembled will allow the users to start the new printing in the new project location immediately.
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