The digital direct to vertical Wall printer

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As a division of artisJet, artisJet Mural is targeting at providing latest digital wall printer painting technology and full solutions enabling the users to print directly onto all materials in any way on their customers’ demand.

ArtisJet Mural products directly print your design, pictures, or artwork onto both indoor and outdoor walls directly at sharp, vivid, and photo quality.

Whether it is to restore an outdoor cultural wall, an indoor wall, or an art wall, artisJet Mural vertical wall printers will refresh the appearance of the house, office, hotel, hospital, etc and impress the people.
Industrial Computer Integration
Intelligent and simple Operation
Compatible with portable devices
Recognizing the wall drop at real-time
Automatic positioning

Simplified Cotrols
Power off memory function
Accurate connecting print
ECO and environment friendly inks.
Smart splicing technology
Limitless in sizes

Simple Operation

Empowered by artisJet Mural just-go image editing software, the printing tasts will be ready in a few minutes with all the proper settings on your demand.
With artisJet workflow, users can easily customize their own printing process, making wall printing easier than ever.

High quality output and sharp color performance

Equipped with the industrial Epson Miro-Piezo inkjet technology and specially designed print engine, the system will deliver high color quality up to 1440DPI resolution.
Supported by the high quality of CMYK inks and environment friendly UV curing technology, the print system will print directly onto the wall paint, wallpaper, concrete, metal, stone, plastic, etc and the prints get immediately dry.
The printed work is ultraviolet resistance, waterproof and scratch resistance for both indoor and outdoor.

Split design for easy mobility and transport

Designed for users’ convenience and easy mobility, artisJet Mural direct to wall print system only weights 80KGs yet in small package size.
Easy transport with ordinary vehicle and simple to be assembled will allow the users to start the new printing in the new project location immediately.
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